Have you ever had a Tarot reading done before?

Tarot can be a fantastic way to tap into the energies around you and your current life situation. A reading can show you an overview of your past, current situation, and projected future. Tarot readings can provide clear, general messages, or specific messages for certain areas of your life which you are curious about. Overall a reading will show you a clear picture of your current vibrational frequency and what is possible for you in the future.

This Tarot and Oracle card reading utilizes both the Tarot deck as well as multiple Oracle decks to give a clear and concise reading for the client. General messages will be covered and specific questions can be further explored through the reading. 

Readings are available in person or online. All online readings will be recorded and sent back to the client within 48 hours after booking and payment has been received.  Click the link below to book a private reading!