Manifestation is a natural, inherent practice, which everyone does all the time. However, most are not aware of it. To become aware of what you are manifesting is to consciously choose where to put your energy and attention in order to create the life experience that you truly desire to live. Learning to manifest your reality is not only possible but highly beneficial once you begin to understand and implement certain habits and teachings into your lifestyle.

SoulTree Meditation offers 1-1 Coaching Packages and Courses to assist you with your personal manifestation process and help you to achieve the outcome and expansion that you are desiring.

The 1-1 Manifestation Coaching Packages Includes:

  • 1-1 private coaching on how to manifest your specific desires
  • An assessment of your goals and what it is you are trying to manifest
  • In-depth education on how to use your mind to manifest desired outcomes
  • How to overcome manifestation pitfalls in order to manifest what you truly desire
  • Guided meditations to teach you how to raise your frequency and manifest faster
  • Tips, Tricks, and exercises to enhance and accelerate your manifestations

Click below to book a package online. Both in-studio and online coaching available.