Meditation and Cannabis: Tools for Consciousness Expansion

As a meditation teacher, I have been meditating consistently for the last decade, putting into practice various forms of meditation and experimenting with many ways to expand my consciousness, reprogram my subconscious mind, and encourage rapid spiritual awakening. Many friends and clients reach out to me asking about the benefits of combining Cannabis with meditation.  As a person who has grown up around this healing plant, I always saw it to be a beneficial medicine which was so graciously provided to us by Mother Earth. The given narrative that Marijuana was bad for your health, and harmful in general, was a viewpoint never subscribed to by me, my family or my friends. This healing herb remained a consistent fixture in my life from my early teens onward. 

My view of this incredible plant was always skewed towards the positive.  I have had many years of combining the practice of meditation with cannabis use, and I have come to a few conclusions.  Firstly, meditation and weed have a few very important aspects in common. Firstly, They both heal. Meditation calms down the body and mind and raises one’s vibration, which gives the body the perfect opportunity to heal and rejuvenate.  Marijuana has very similar effects on the mind and body.  Combining the two together in practice can create an unbelievably healing experience that allows permission to completely surrender mental and physical pain.  A person’s vibration raises, their tension decreases, and with this combination, physical and mental healing can begin.  Another common trait that both habits possess is the fact that both help a person to mentally surrender to the present moment.  Meditation forces one to focus on the breath.  In doing so, this focus narrows awareness into the present moment where the past is forgotten and the future is not a worry.  This present moment focus quiets the chatter of the mind, creating a beneficial environment for internal self-reflection and mindfulness of the here and now.  Cannabis also accomplishes this task beautifully.  If a person is in a bad mood and they smoke cannabis, they may quickly forget what had them feeling so down, as the herb has raised their vibration, and their perspective is now wider then it was before. They may jokingly ask “What was I mad about again?”.  Weed does a great job of forcing our awareness into being enveloped by the here and now, giving us a lighter perspective on the mundane, trivial day to day problems. Mixing meditation and weed also creates a perfect internal environment for deep shadow work, self-reflection, self-realization, and epiphanies.  It provides a much more expanded view of the self and the world at large. Meditation expands your consciousness and the pairing of this practice with marijuana works to enhance the entire experience. 

While Marijuana and meditation can be combined to create a beneficial, healing, and spiritually expanded experience, dependence on combining these two may make it difficult to reach a meditative state without the substance.  Constant abuse of Marijuana may cloud sharp thinking and better judgment, impairing the natural, high vibrational flow of energy. This can leave a person feeling sedated and lethargic.  Like all good things in life, combining meditation and Cannabis must be done in moderation.  With moderation, this healing plant combined with the consistent practice of going inward, can help to create more expanded states of peace, tranquility, healing, and spiritual connection. 

Megan Wawryk – Soul Tree Meditation

Reiki Found Me

Reiki began for me four years ago.  Like a serendipitous accident, it came into my life and showed me that I needed to follow it.  It wrapped itself up in a clue, that would look like a bit of a tragedy at the time.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that my dog Murphy is my life.  In the summer of 2017, he had a bad accident while playing outside and slipped a disc in his back.  The vet told me that there was a high probability that he would never walk again.  I remember feeling so helpless and scared and I honestly didn’t know at the time what I was going to do. I carried him out of the vet feeling like I was going to lose my best friend.   It felt like the Universe was offering me up a test that I didn’t know how to get out of. So that’s exactly how I decided to use it. As a test. 

For a few years prior to this experience, I had been studying like crazy.  I studied psychology, mental health, metaphysics, energy, healing, vibration, manifestation, spirituality, alchemy, witchcraft….the list goes on and on. I needed answers and material that was going to aid me in the awakening that I was experiencing.  I was, and still am, obsessed with finding answers outside of the system. I was never a person to succumb to anyone else’s final answer or diagnosis to anything. I always, stubbornly, had to go my own way. I practiced manifestation and raising my frequency daily, and I was starting to produce some awe-inspiring results that I still at that time did not fully understand.  I learned about manifestation by raising my frequency and directing my thoughts and emotions toward what I wanted. I learned how to hold the feeling of that which I wanted to create.  I learned that humans are extremely powerful. So, when this accident happened to Murphy, my intuition told me that I could heal him.

I spent the next two months fully immersed in doing everything that I could to heal my dog and make sure that he was comfortable.  I decided that I would give Murphy two “treatments” per day.  I call them “treatments” because, at the time, they were created from a mish-mash of all the information about healing that I knew.  I was not a trained Reiki therapist at the time, and I did not know the exact procedure to go about healing.  So, I entirely followed my intuition and decided to heal Murphy in my own way.  The “treatment” consisted of me laying him down in some blankets, covering him with crystals, and placing my hands on his body. I took my time and knew that I had to get into a state where I felt amazing.  I had to raise my frequency.  More specifically, I had to match the feeling of the endresult that I was trying to produce – joy, recovery, healing, relief.  I would cultivate this high-frequency emotion and pump it throughout my body as much as I could, allowing it to grow stronger and stronger.  I would conjur images in my imagination of Murphy running around free, with his back healed.  I would imagine white light flowing through my hands and into his entire body. As I would give Murphy his treatments he would fall asleep. His legs would kick wildly while his eyes darted back and forth behind his closed eyelids. I knew that the treatment was working.  

Another important factor in Murphy’s healing was always existing in the end-result of what I wanted. This meant, that I had to painstakingly believe and hold to the feeling of Murphy being healthy and fine. Others including my family would try to entertain ideas that he was not okay, or that he would not recover. “Poor Murphy”, they would say. “He probably won’t be able to walk again”. “He’s fine! He will be perfectly fine!”, I would respond. At the risk of looking crazy and delusion to everyone else, I knew that the key ingredient in creating something I wanted was to live from the mental standpoint that what I wanted was already done. I had to believe whole heartedly that Murphy was healed, and not let any external opinion or comment sway my belief. I was strict about it. I would not engage or entertain conversation of Murphy suffering or being ill. I held steady to the outcome that I wanted. I also held the emotion that went along with it.  For one month Murphy had consistent “treatments” twice per day. The results? Nothing short of a miracle. 

After a month, Murphy began moving around normally and was desperate to be active again.  A far cry from the vet’s diagnosis of never being able to walk again. The vet was astonished at our checkups and told me that she has never seen a recovery like this from that type of injury. Today, Murphy still gets regular “treatments” from me. He is a happy, healthy, and rambunctious animal. He is fully recovered. Now, I regularly heal humans and animals through Reiki healing.  

Looking back at this experience, it taught me that we as individual humans are truly powerful beyond measure and we are not taught how to tap into our potential. We have the innate ability to heal ourselves and others. The power exists within us. When we direct our thoughts, feelings, energy, and emotions towards healing we can create miracles. This is not only probable but POSSIBLE for everyone to learn. I am so thankful for this experience as it has taught me who I really am and what is possible, not only for us as individuals, but for the collective as a whole. We are all healers and it’s time we all started to heal each other.

Megan Wawryk – Soul Tree Meditation

Awakening Through Numbers

I am about to leave the house and I glance over at the clock on the stove. 11:11 it reads. Seeing these series of synchronistic numbers flashing before me used to get me excited and place me in a state of awe about the world.  Not anymore! I have now become so used to it that it feels like the norm.  It started in 2018 when I was working at an office to make extra money.  This is where this strange phenomenon began, and what accelerated my spiritual experience and understanding of the world to a whole new level.  During this time, I began to see numbers in sets of threes. It started out slowly. At first, I started to see multiples of fives. A lot. Everywhere I looked. 555. 55. Always winking at me. Nudging me.  Always unexpectedly holding an intuitive significance that I couldn’t put my finger on. An unexplainable feeling.  Then I started to see more than just fives. I began to see series of eights, nines, twos, and threes. In a few months’ time, I saw all the numbers in multiples. Everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. License plates, receipts, signs, cash registers, the time… basically anywhere you would see numbers. At first, fear took me over.  Am I crazy? Am I ACTUALLY seeing the numbers? Am I hallucinating them?  As I took to the internet to research my experiences, I found that this experience in the spiritual community was referred to as seeing angel numbers, or the universe’s way of giving you guidance through numbers.  I spent a lot of time reading blogs, pouring over Youtube, and researching as much as I could find on the topic. I had to figure out exactly what all of this meant. I needed a straight answer. While I had heard of this phenomenon in the past, the experience that I was having was out of the norm. I didn’t see the numbers once in a while. I saw them constantly. It wasn’t a cute little synchronicity from the universe. It was loud. It was bold and it was constant. It completely pervaded my experience. To be honest…it was scary.

 Each piece of material I read seemed to have a different explanation for each number. This always left me confused because I didn’t just see one set of numbers. I saw ALL sets of numbers. Literally, about 50 times per day.  As I dug deeper trying to figure out why this was happening, I looked towards the world of quantum physics. As I continued to research I stumbled upon a woman named Marina Jacobi. She explains, through channelled information, how we exist in a quantum structure – a hologram much like the matrix – and how our consciousness has expanded to a point where we are able to notice or “see” the structure, or the code, of our position within the matrix.  Basically, everything is made up of a number sequence, which is the equivalent of our emotions and thoughts which we are projecting. Once I heard this explanation it clicked. It was the most believable explanation that I had heard so far and it made sense. I have since been studying Marina’s material daily. Though it is complex, it goes deeper than any other material I have ever found. It provides answers that are proved by quantum physics. While it can at times be hard to wrap my brain around, I know that I can trust it.

  It is now almost two years since this phenomenon began happening and it still happens to me every day. Roughly 30-50 times per day, numbers in multiples will reflect themselves in my external reality. It is something, up until now, that I have spoken about to those who are close to me, and it is a normal part of my everyday reality.  As I continued my work as a meditation teacher and Reiki therapist, my clients began to confide in me that they too were starting to see numbers. Numbers that were multiples. Numbers that gave them an intuitive nudge. Numbers that they couldn’t explain.  I feel so much better equipped to handle these types of questions now as it is a regular part of my everyday reality.  While this is one experience, and a relatively small story in the process of my spiritual awakening, I believe that it is an important one to share. 

 Collectively, we are going through an ascension.  We are all having similar experiences. 

Our consciousness is expanding and with this expansion comes entry to faculties, experiences, and perspectives in which we did not previously have access to.  I wish to remind everyone of the powerful beings that we really are, and what this earthly experience is all about.  My day to day life is lived, fully immersed and in awe of the fact that we are spiritual beings, having a temporary, human experience.  If I ever do forget this fact, and fall back into a 3D programmed way of thinking, I don’t end up staying there long, as the numbers inevitably show up to remind me: Don’t forget, this is a matrix reality. One that you have control over and you can manipulate when you learn how.  If you are a person who resonates with this experience, or are experiencing any other mind-boggling ascension symptom, I urge you to embrace it and research it. Don’t be scared to continue to look deeper into your experience.  Lastly, be grateful and excited that we get to be alive at a time when the entire world is waking up.  It’s only going up from here. Signing off at 4:44PM.

Megan Wawryk – Soul Tree Meditation