At Soul Tree Meditation we believe that meditation and connection to spirit are the basic foundation for a healthy, happy, and thriving individual. We believe that it is essential to teach others the importance of meditation, as well as provide guidance and proper education regarding the expansion of one’s consciousness to ensure success, growth, and understanding.  Here you will find Meditation Courses, Reiki Healing, Private Coaching Packages, and blog posts, which provide regular education and support throughout one’s personal spiritual journey. All meditation classes and private coaching packages are offered locally as well as online.

Soul Tree is designed and created by Megan Wawryk who is a meditation teacher, Reiki healer, and consciousness and manifestation coach. Megan has spent over a decade studying meditation, psychology, consciousness, metaphysics, manifestation, and the mind/body connection. Megan’s classes touch upon a mixture of scientific evidence, academic information, self-study, and spiritual exploration in order to teach others how to connect with their own energy and greatly improve their mental health and quality of life through a meditation practice. Classes range from basic meditation instruction to more advanced education about energy, consciousness, and manifestation. She teaches these concepts with the hopes of enlightening and empowering others through regular meditation, education, and connection.